Silver Diamine Fluoride is an FDA-approved antibiotic topical solution that is clinically applied to control active dental caries and prevent further progression of disease. While the traditional way to treat tooth decay is by removing the decay and placing a restoration, this alternative fluoride treatment allows us to stop decay in it’s tracks by noninvasive methods.

Does my child need fluoride?

The decision to use fluoride is ultimately up to the parent and the child’s risk for decay. Studies have shown both the safety and benefits of fluoride in preventing and controlling tooth decay. Your dentist will discuss with you at your child’s first visit their risk for decay as well as benefits and risks of fluoride.

What are the benefits of fluoride?

  • Prevent demineralization of sound enamel
  • Enhance remineralization of demineralized enamel
  • Strengthen enamel from future acid attack
  • Strengthen developing enamel in adult teeth
  • Affect metabolic activity of cavities causing bacteria

What are the risks of fluoride?

Excessive fluoride ingestion by preschool-aged children can lead to dental fluorosis, which is chalky white to even brown discoloration of the permanent teeth.

Fluoride Toothpaste

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends using fluoride toothpaste to brush twice a day for children of all ages. Use only a smear or rice size of fluoride toothpaste for a child under 3 years and no more than a pea size for a child 3 years and older. At this young age, its best to have an adult help with the brushing.

Left: Smear or Rice Size for under 3 years
Right: Pea Size for 3 years and older

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